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Chimney Repairs Dublin

Flat Roofing Dublin, is one of the top roofing companies in Dublin striving to bring excellent chimney repair services to homes as well as commercial properties in the area. 

We specialize in Chimney Inspection, Chimney Relining & Restoration, Chimney Stack Repairs, Chimney Sweeping and lots more. We understand exactly how essential it is to keep your family warm in the cold seasons.

We take a significant amount of pride in our job and have actually worked on jobs big as well as small throughout Dublin. Our team of professional roofers have sufficient expertise of chimney issues and are masters at fixing all chimney relevant concerns.

Chimney Repairs Dublin

Chimney Inspection Dublin

Chimney, much like any other part of the roof, can fall into a state of dysfunctionality. When you take into consideration the heat a chimney continuously handles, combined with the weather condition here in Dublin, it is not so surprising the brickwork or lead flashing around your chimney can quickly end up being damaged with time and begin do dislodge. 

We manage all chimney repairs in Dublin, in a fast, inexpensive and expert way. Despite its interior damage or its structural problems. Chimney flashing is a significant issue for a bunch of owners as this can trigger a lot of internal damage around the chimney area, cracks on the chimney, a dislodged chimney or slipped tiles/slates around the chimney area. We can assist deliver and set up bird guards as well as ensuring no bird has the ability to get in the chimney causing interior problems.

Chimney flashing is among the most vital features of a successful residential roofing system. Roof leakages are generally discovered near the base of the chimney and can generally be attributed to wrong flashings. Brick chimney flashings include several components including underlayment, step flashing, a metal saddle, mortar, counter flashings, and solder. 

This chimney flashing procedure features reliable industry techniques to guarantee the roof as well as chimney stay watertight much into the future. Items that must never be included into the chimney flashing procedure are roof cement, caulk, and face nails to hold the flashings in place.

Chimney Cleaning Services

Chimney construction, repairs, re-lining and remodelling are our professional areas, so whether you are upgrading an existing structure or simply constructing a brand-new building, we can offer you with the remedies that you require– swiftly as well as cost effectively. We’re right here to restore your messy chimneys to their attractive state.

Damaged chimney stacks can permit water infiltration leading to wetness on the chimney breast internally and wet rot in the roof timbers. Damaged chimney stack liners can hinder the movement of smoke leaving the flue terminal, leading to down draughts and leakages of harmful dangerous fumes right into your house.

Damaged chimney stacks with water saturation intensified with freezing temperature levels, triggers contraction and expansion producing more damage on a continuous basis leading to the bedded joints of the block/brickwork separating, making the chimney stack unstable and also under negative weather liable to collapse. We also offer Velux and skylight installation and repair services in Dublin.

We offer chimney relining & restoration on all chimney types in the Dublin area. Our chimney relining & restoration service incorporates restoring, renovating, and repairing where possible, nevertheless if needed we can also demolish, reconstruct and reline all types of chimneys.

Get a Chimney cap in Dublin to stop water leakages. Having a chimney cap is one of the most economical preventative action a homeowner can utilize to stop water leakages and damages to their chimney. Chimneys have one or more big openings (flues) at the top that gather rainwater and channel it straight to the chimney interior. 

A strong, well-designed chimney cap not only maintains this water out but will also stop birds and animals from entering and nesting in the chimney. Chimney caps likewise operate as spark arrestors, protecting against sparks from landing on the roof or other close-by flammable product.

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