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Flat Roofing Dublin

Do you need professional flat roofing services in Dublin? We’ve got you covered, give us a call for a free roofing estimate today!

We’ve been repairing flat roofs in Dublin for over two decades now, and you can be rest assured we’ll do our best to ensure your roofs are done right the very first time we repair/replace/build them. 

A flat roof is typically more cost-effective to install, replace and repair than a pitched roof. It also is an exceptional choice for smaller structures or where space is limited (e.g. an addition, a shed, or a location surrounded by fully grown trees). 

It can equally permit added living space. Depending on its location, and ability to take on the extra weight, you can transform a flat roof into a deck and savour enhanced outdoor living space.

Flat Roofing Dublin

Flat Roof Repair Company

Whenever you happen to need flat roof repair Dublin services, give us a call, as we’re the preferred choice for all Dublin home owners when it comes to flat roof repairs, replacements and installation services. 

Your investment in a waterproofing system ought to be based on choosing flat roofs which are created to be the very best over the whole life-cycle of the assembly (generally 20+ years). 

Flat roofing Dublin constantly provided professional flat roofing installations to numerous residential and commercial clients across Dublin. When quality and efficiency matters, we’re the preferred choice. Whether you are building a mall or re-roofing your home, we’re ready and able to provide you with a brand-new, stress-free roof! 

A roof is your building’s very first line of defense against the weather, this is especially true of flat and low-slope roofing. A correctly installed, premium flat roof keeps your building protected during rainstorms for decades and secures your financial investment from leaks, condensation, and water-pooling.

Our flat roofers, are skilled water-proofers who can offer you with whatever your flat roof requires to perform at its finest: insulation plans, custom-made curbs, setup of brand-new drains and ambuscades, and a lot more. 

We can likewise provide and set up custom-fabricated sloped insulation to develop or enhance a minor slope to direct water-flow to the eaves, drains, or scuppers.

Experienced Flat Roof Specialists

Flat Roof Repair Dublin

Professional Flat Roofing Contractors

Our flat roof contractors Dublin, promote two-ply torch-on membrane as being the most water-tight and lasting roof; however, we are available to service all types of flat roofs consisting of BUR, TPO, PVC, and EPDM. 

When it’s time for your roof setup, call or email us to get a free, thorough, and competitive roofing quote; we set up re-roofs and brand-new roofs all over Dublin. 

We take delight in quality flat roof installation as well as replacement, and we’ve made the effort to get properly trained and licensed to guarantee you get only the best of the best. You can’t make a mistake with our complimentary roofing assessments.

Our expert flat roofing contractors and high-quality installations have made Flat Roofing Dublin an outstanding reputation in the industry, referrals are offered from both new construction and re-roof customers. We offer other substantial services such as:

Flat Roofing Services

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